Institute of Brain Science
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Institute of Brain Science

Brain Imaging

Sleep Neurophys-



investigating neuropsychiatric disorders

Using structural and functional MRI and EEG data, we aim to develop advanced data analysis methods to investigate the role of abnormalities of brain structure and function in neuropsychiatric disorders as well as potential imaging markers.

Studies of sleep and brain

Our institute is equiped with the overnight sleep examination facility which can be used to conduct research of sleep physiology and the mechanism of various sleep disorders through analysis of various physiological signals, including EEG, heartbeat, respiration, blood oxygen, EMG and other signals.

neurodevelopmental and neurodegerative disroders

Out molecular neuroscience faculty work closely with clinical teams to delineate the mechanism of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenrateive disorders using state of art technology such as neural cell culture, gene transfer, neural stem cells and molecular cell biotechnology.

Development of precision treatment

Our basic and clinical neuroscience faculty aim to develop precise treatment strategies for neuropsychiatric disorders from different levels using the latest technology of the neural stem cell approach and brain stimulation such as ​transcranial magnetic stimulation.